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The Headline
There is nothing more important than the headline! 
You’ve got to first out of the gate with your strongest, most stimulating, explosive handful of words… something that forces your prospects to read further and to take action.
You want your headline to visually leap off the page, making it impossible to avoid. 
That is what your headline "MUST" do!
Why Are Headlines So Important? 
Headlines are the first thing someone sees the moment your ad (print or electronic), sales letter, web site, résumé (yes résumé) or any other marketing comes into view of the reader.
The headline has to “sell” the reader on the rest of the message. If it fails to attract interest, the reader’s gone in less than 7 seconds.
We’ve Become A “Headline Society”
With free time increasingly scarce, people use headlines as time-saving devices to direct their attention to only what is of interest.
There’s an overwhelming amount of marketing material pointed to the public, much of which is ignored. A poor headline guarantees that your marketing will NOT BE read.
For your headline to attract an audience and pull them in beyond the opening, it has to touch the prospect in a way that immediately stimulates interest.
Headlines allow readers to instantly scan information for items of particular relevance and importance.  A good headline can mean the difference between a profitable outcome or a substantial loss.
The Most-Read Part Of Any Marketing Piece
No words are read by more people than those contained within the headline. If your headline doesn’t instantly reach out and “touch” the prospect, chances are good that the rest of your content doesn’t stand a chance. Headlines are the prime determining factor. The headline tells prospects whether they should “continue to read” or “move on”.
Headlines Tell Your Audience Why They Should Be Interested
Something about your headline has to capture the interest and imagination of your prospects. There has to be something there that jolts them and gets prospects to sit up and take notice.
You first need a solid understanding of your market and what it “needs” and “desires”. You’ve got to uncover that special something that your product or service provides that the marketplace currently isn’t getting and desperately wants. Convey that magic solution in your headline and see your profits soar...
There's A Lot More But This Should Get You Started​
  Logical Headlines Do  Not  Stimulate Responses
What does induce response  are well thought out emotional appeals that almost force the interest of the reader, even though it may seem totally illogical.
Here’s an example of a “logical” headline:
“Financial Strategies For Successful Retirement.”
It’s a straightforward statement. But does it move you? Does it inspire you to take any kind of action?
Here’s a motivational headline:
“Discover How You Can Retire In First-Class Comfort And Achieve Total Financial Freedom On Just $5 A Day!”

The How-To Headline
"Soil preparation can help your garden produce a more abundant harvest."
Insert just one word and notice how this one word makes it far more temping to continue reading.
"How" soil preparation can help your garden produce a more abundant harvest.
Notice the difference? Usiing "HOW" it’s not merely a statement, but an offer to reveal the information the reader would like to know.
Headlines That Motivate And Lead To Sales
The How-To Headline
This format offers the easiest, and many times, the most effective approach to headline creation. All you have to do is begin with the words “how-to”, and follow that up with a hard-hitting benefit, a string of multiple benefits, or any one of a number of combinations of benefits, offers, questions, etc.

The Testimonial Headline
“Testimonial” headlines work best using the actual words of a satisfied customer, so it carries the benefit of instant rapport and increased believability with new prospects.
The Command Headline
This headline is a directive that is used to get prospects out of their “comfort zones” by a giving a clear indication of what they should do now. The actual command component of these types of headlines begins with a verb. It’s a direct call to action of some sort.
“Do This” “Stop Suffering From…” “Claim Your Free Pass…” are a few examples of phrases that indicate a command.
Learn This And You'll Be Out Front
The Solution Is The Problem
90% of the world’s marketing uses the SOLUTION to sell their product or service. Look at your ad and then your competitors – do you see any difference?  
Start taking notice of any and all advertising, whether it is Print – TV – Radio – Internet Media it’s a never- ending FLOOD OF  SOLUTIONS. This is normal everyday marketing and it entices almost no one. Do something different!